Random thoughts blog #291505692

Actually sitting down and writing something is a great way to focus your thoughts.

This is a personal journal, I will write in a stream of consciousness style and any who deign to visit should be able to pick up easily what I’m getting at. Weather it is interesting enough to stay, or God forbid, look forward to another installment is a different question. I don’t hold it against anyone if they just want to browse and go. I’m done more that enough of that in my lifetime, judging others quickly and harshly.


First post post-life post … circa 2021

I’m sure this is common in the this age of the new pandemic, but I don’t really want to be HERE any more. Friendships and other relationships are how people get through the bad times. I have neither, my intimate relationship has collapsed and any close friends I’ve had over the years are gone. Although I wish it wasn’t so it is abundantly clear that the fault is mine, completely so.

The failure of my personal intimate relationship has been a long time in coming. I always seem to hold on when I should let go and let go of what I should hold on to.

I don’t even really feel like writing or doing anything else at the moment. I’m going to end this short intro here and possibly write some more later, or not.

Eventually we all pay for the mistakes we made, and the actions that we both took and failed to take. A wise person once said that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Take it to heart, because otherwise you start to collect regret, over actions not taken, and opportunities missed.